Wolfram|Alpha Releases Educators’ Version

Wow, I’m talking about Wolfram|Alpha a lot lately, aren’t I? Sorry, I gots a bit more to say. The site announced last week that there’s a new site developed for educators. The new site’s at

What’s here? There are some videos showing how W|A is used in the classroom (from fourth graders to college students) as well as examples of how to search Wolfram|Alpha for any number of concepts and a bunch of lesson plans covering science, social studies, and math (of course.) The lessons plans are PDFs — I downloaded the one for creative writing and learned that W|A works with queries like random name and random city and random food. After some more messing around I found out random disease works and freaked myself out a bit, so here I am back at the review. But these lessons plans may teach you about some new W|A commands that you hadn’t known about.

Wolfram|Alpha also has an education portal (lots of different resources, all broken out by grade), a math resource with thousands of entries, and an education forum that looks semi-busy.

Obviously when you think W|A and education you’re going to think about math, but I was surprised at the amount of science and especially social studies resources available. Teachers, take a look!

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