Database of Traffic Safety Laws

Thanks to Data Surfer for the pointer to the Traffic Safety Legislation Tracking Database, which tracks information on bills and chaptered laws in all fifty states and DC. It covers legislation from 2007 through 2010 and it’s available at (The last update was April 6 so I guess updates to the site are ongoing.)

You can search by state, keyword, year, primary sponsor, topic, status, or bill number. I did a search for texting and got results for 34 bills in 14 states. Results are arranged alphabetically by state and each item of legislation (some of them enacted, many failed) includes status, date of last action, and summary. There’s also a history that you can expand for more details.

There were surprisingly few topics to browse through; you’ll have more luck doing keyword searching, especially if you’re interested in the intersection (um, no pun intended) between electronic communications and driving. I did get a couple of weird results on test searches; searching for Internet got me information on “Internet Violence Prevention” legislation, and searching for domestic found enacted legislation about texting and driving that was simply called “Criminal Law.”

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