Old Magazine Articles Expands

A couple years ago I covered a Web site called Old Magazine Articles. Its URL is, natch. When I reviewed it the site was mostly focused on pre-1922 events/materials, but since then has expanded somewhat, so I wanted to give you a quick update.

If you visit the site a lot you can go to the recent pages section to see what’s new on the site, but if you’re not head to the front page, where you’ll get a search box and a list of topic headings, from 1925: Wind Power to World War II. I picked Animation, a subtopic of Movies.

I found ten articles, mostly from the 1930s. The articles have title, source, date, and a good summary. The articles themselves are available as PDFs — just click on the title.

This is not a university or other institution putting this together — it’s just a guy who likes historical materials and is willing to take the time to put them online. So there’s not as much here as you’d find in a university database, but the summaries are terrific and there’s plenty here to browse.

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