Morning Buzz — April 20, 2010

The state of Maine has a new Web site dedicated to Civil War memorials. 148 of them so far, but there may be more.

Aw, for cute! This guy wants to propose to his girlfriend on Google.

It’s in private beta at the moment so I don’t know much, but the idea of a cloud-centric Linux distribution sounds interesting.

Also in beta (you can sign up if you want to play) is a global database of ecolabels. Registration for the beta’s at

Thanks as usual to the fabbo Boing Boing for the story about a new plugin that blends other search histories with yours to make you harder to track. Cory does note that he could not find an independent source code audit, however.

Facebook has introduced new community pages and connected profiles.

Ever wanted to voice chat with your Twitter friends? Blabbelon. (That link goes to a press release.)

Thanks, NARA! The agency has now published a list of records digitized by digitization partners and . ‘Bout time. Good morning, Internet…

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