Morning Buzz — April 23, 2010

Reading about Blippy competitors in the New York Times, I read the company name Swipely and immediately thought “Whiplash”. I CAN’T be the only one who did that.

Time for Google to buy Zoho?

I like the photography work of Charles “Teenie” Harris very much — in fact, once I named a computer after him — so I was very happy to see this article on Boing Boing about community efforts to gather information on his unlabeled photographs.

Online museum of environmental art?

Hey! Aviary has a new Facebook application.

DocStoc is teaming up with Inc. Magazine.

This one is for Jessamyn: the Vermont Renewable Energy Atlas.

Tweet ’em a topic, they’ll start tweeting you popular stories about the topic. That’s the idea behind @wtf. Good morning, Internet…

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