Morning Buzz — April 27, 2010

NARA is looking for “citizen archivists” for help in developing a Wiki.

The Sesame Street people put together some Google Search Story parody videos. I like the one for Cookie Monster.

Google acquires Labpixies.

The Primate Life Histories Database: “This database contains individual-based life history data that have been collected from wild primate populations by nine working group participants over a minimum of 19 years.”

Ancestry has announced the release of Non-Population Census Schedules, 1850-1880, which contain details on about four million people. The link about leads to a press release about some “famous ancestors” data.

This is interesting: a database of tour guides.

Google Earth View — now available in Google Maps!

Ladies and gentlemen, in the fine tradition of Selleck Waterfall Sandwich and Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza, I refer you to Nimoy Sunset Pie. Good morning, Internet…

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