Morning Buzz — April 28, 2010

I complained about this when I looked at the new Google Docs features, so I’m glad to see you can do image resizing within Google Docs.

Been to lately? Me neither. Someone on Twitter mentioned all the ads on a search result page, so I did a search for designer purses. Result: I counted ten organic results, ELEVEN sponsored results. (This is all in the stream of search results, not in ads off to the side.) It’s so depressing.

Philipp asks: “Should Gmail Alert You to Misspelled Names?” My response: no, I’m having enough anti-fun with Google’s spelling suggestions now. Doing this would push it a little further into the realm of Clippydom and Google’s already gotten too close to that for my taste.

Cool! How to track who favorited your tweets.

An open Wiki for repair manuals? Verrrrry nice.

Google gets a little more aggressive with its “Similar” Feature in results.

The winners of the Bizarre Map Challenge have been announced! Good morning, Internet…

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