Morning Buzz — April 29, 2010

Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram|Alpha gives a TEDTalk.

The White House has announced a new mobile site for FEMA — .

The Washington Post has updated its political site — From the press release: “ brings together political coverage produced across the newsroom, from The Post’s established reporting teams and columnists to its bloggers and online tools. In coming phases, the site also will offer more video, unique perspectives from an expanded number of bloggers, easier ways to share content with social media networks, must-read content aggregated from elsewhere and original polling.”

So, Apple bought Siri. Did things just get interesting? I do believe things just got interesting.

Wow, check out this research from North Carolina State University: “‘We have created magnetic nanodots that store one bit of information on each nanodot, allowing us to store over one billion pages of information in a chip that is one square inch,’ says Dr. Jay Narayan, the John C. Fan Distinguished Chair Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at NC State and author of the research.”

The Library and Twitter: An FAQ (** AN ** FAQ?) Quote o’ the FAQ: “The Library is not Twitter and will not try to reproduce its functionality.” Good, because Twitter’s search functionality is pretty limited. Hey LOC, team up with Ginsu and figure out a bunch of ways to slice and dice your archive. “Can create amazing graphics showing TwitPic use… and CAN STILL SLICE A TOMATO PAPER THIN!”

Or, better yet, team up with InfoChimps. The company has just released some new data sets. Too pricey for me, but the link above has a graph showing prevalence of Twitter background colors….

USC to Create an Oral Archive of Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood.

Have you seen this maps database? Pretty awesome.

UNC’s Southern Folk Life Collection now has a home on Flickr (note: it is NOT in the Commons.)

Did Google YouTube this and I missed it? a drag-racing competition between ditch digging machines. Good morning, Internet…

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