Twittering State by State

Just a quick look at this interesting Twitter directory. OH NOES, NOT ANOTHER TWITTER DIRECTORY! Yepper, here we go. Twitter States at is a directory letting you browse Twitter users by US state.

Just pick a state and you’ll get a list of users from that state on the left and a bunch of weird eBay auctions on the right (I ignored those.) Listings include a full description of the Twitter-er, a information on how many friends and followers they have, and a calculated average of how often they tweet per day. Wow, some people tweet a lot…

A little additional information would have been nice, like special icons for verified accounts or “official” accounts (or maybe I just didn’t come across one?) Furthermore, this is only broken out by state, not city. I’m not sure how long it’s been around but it doesn’t have tons of registrants yet; potentially a good way to quickly find users in a certain state when news breaks. (Another would be to use Listorious or another Twitter list directory. It’s amazing how many state-based lists there are.)

You know, while I was going through this I was struck by how many other-than-human Twitter-ers I keep coming across. Maybe we need a new directory: . A place to put all those cats and birds and bridges and other things that aren’t biped-shaped but still manage to rock a tweetstream….

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