Morning Buzz — May 3, 2010

An error to correct: When I wrote about OCW Search, I said that it only included classes from MIT. I was incorrect; the site also includes Stanford Engineering and the Open University in the UK. Sorry about that!

The White House expands to over 300,000 visitor records online.

Want to use Google to search for TV episodes? Mashable has the details.

Minneapolis is starting a project to photograph every property in the city ala Google Street View. I am looking forward to 43 images of Mary Richards tossing her tam.

This is neat: check the position of vessels and maritime traffic.

Another “people-powered” search engine on the way? A little skinny on SlangWho.

YouTube has a brief roundup of recent news. Included: new languages and e-mail alerts.

I apparently missed this, but congratulations anyway to Yahoo Answers answering its one billionth question.

New Firefox Addons for Internet Archive and NASA images.

Wow! I didn’t know there was a Web app for making your own timelines.

Google has bought BumpTop.

And in our “labors of love are AWESOME” department, there’s, an online encyclopedia dedicated to old Star Wars model kits. Good morning, Internet…

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