SMU Cox School of Business Has Free Research Page

I got a note recently about the faculty research available at the SMU Cox School of Business. The school has a free site at that publishes faculty research on several different topics, including accounting, marketing, finance, and investing.

The research is laid out on a page like a blog, with a title, brief description, and relevant tags. I wouldn’t even bother with the tags; there are only about 52 items in the research section and they’re quick enough to browse. Research appears to go back to 2006 and I might not have bothered with covering this site except some of this research seems intriguing; “Parsing the Financial Crisis: First Evidence of a Lost Decade,” “Confessions of a Satiated Consumer,” and “Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Real Organizational Communication” were three of the ones I mentally marked to read later.

When a site has research that goes back four years but a totle of only 52 items, one wonders how quickly it will ad material. But I am told that it’s currently restricted to selected research but working papers and papers in progress will be added by the end of the year. I’m looking forward to that if the topics are as interesting as the ones already available. There is an RSS feed so you can keep up from the comfort of your feed reader, and if that’s not enough for you, you can also put the press release page in your reader.

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