Morning Buzz — May 7, 2010

The BBC has an interesting article on the new non-Latin character Web addresses.

Getting translations by taking a picture of text with your cell phone camera? WOW.

You know that “Google Editions” thing you’ve been hearing about? Google’s teaming up with Bowker.

Web sites secretly adding apps to your Facebook profile? Turns out it’s a bug, but DAMN Facebook, WTH? We’ve got NoScript, we need NoFace or something.

Maybe you would like to ask Facebook some privacy questions. Here you go.

Senator Jon Tester of Montana has introduced a new bill, the Public Online Information Act. From the article: “The bill would require the federal government to put documents already considered public onto a searchable free database available to anyone with a computer.” There’s a link to the full text of the bill (in PDF format) at Senator Tester’s Web site.

Gov 2.0 Guide to Drupal.

A search engine for Python code: Nullege. Good morning, Internet…

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