Morning Buzz — May 10, 2010

Read on BoingBoing a nifty story about 40GB of Gopherspace (most no longer online) being scraped and served up as a single file. Wow! Takes me back.

GOOD GRIEF, FACEBOOK! Apparently this has been fixed already, but geez.
Apparently e-mail notifications were leaking user IP addresses.
Has Facebook gone rogue?

A lady named 10ch (that’s her Flickr name anyhoo) did a bunch of searches on her GMail box and boiled the information down to this infographic. Neat.

I found out about this a week late — Kent State has launched a new audio archive about the events of May 4, 1970.

TechCrunch takes a closer look at Microsoft Spindex.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has a new online recreation map.

You may remember hearing recently about FamilySearch offering 300 million new names in its index. Like me, you may have wondered where those names came from!
The Mormon Times has a list.

Here’s an analogy for ya: “Google Is Turning Into the Jonas Brothers and I Don’t Like It”.

The Wrap has a brief interview with Jim Lanzone, late of and now maestro of The Wrap: “How will Clicker be different this time next year vs. where it is today?” Jim: “If I told you that I’d have to kill you. I may kill you anyway.” Good morning, Internet…

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