Morning Buzz — May 11, 2010

After my snakes database writeup yesterday I was informed via Twitter that venomous snakes != poisonous snakes. My apologies to any snakes I may have offended.

It won’t be long now! The vision for Firefox 4.

I missed it yesterday because I was out working on computers, but apparently Twitter had a crazy force follow bug. During an attempted fix hilarity ensued.

Speaking of Twitter, Mashable has rumblings about a “Twitter Business Center”. Actually I guess they’re more than rumblings if Mashable also has screenshots.

Facebook has hired former FTC chairman Tim Muris.

The latest on Bing Maps — the Global Action Atlas.

New search engine: find auctions just about to end on eBay.

NARA has added machine tags to its Flickr images. Good morning, Internet…

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