Morning Buzz — May 12, 2010

IBM has introduced a new social media monitoring tool.

Gmail is now letting you drag images into messages. (Those tomatoes are making me hungry for salsa and it’s not even breakfast time.) Works on Chrome only at the moment…

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a informational Web site about the Gulf oil spill, with links to several other sites:

“Four senators introduce bill to create online database of earmarks”.

Yow! Randy Seaver has a few things to say about source citations.

Inside Facebook has an excellent overview of many of the recent Facebook security changes/concerns/issues/problems.

Google Moderator now has an API.

Wikipedia has announced a new Public Policy Initiative. “During the pilot program… we will work with volunteers, academics, and students at post-secondary educational institutions, and experiment with various ways to use Wikipedia in the classroom.” And because of this new initiative, it’s hiring.

Sunlight Labs has a new Drumbone API.

If you want a one-stop shop for getting World Cup information, Yahoo can help.

CNET has six alternatives to EtherPad, which dies this week. SyncIn looks interesting.

The Australian National Maritime Museum is now in the Flickr Commons. Hello Sailor, and good morning, Internet…

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