Morning Buzz — May 13, 2010

How Google is using Google Squared in its new search features:

Now THIS is an interesting chart: The Least Shareable Words on Facebook.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has an extensive page at the Law Library of Congress.

Read Write Web (via NYT) has an article on new personal communications search engine Silentale:

Korea, China, and Japan have teamed up an agreed to launch an online library with over a million Asian books. Brief article (in English) here:

Google and Verizon: teaming up to build their own tablet computer?

The New York Times Open Blog had an entry about a couple of ways students are using the NYT APIs:

Congrats to Wikipedia on the new look.

I am not a big soccer fan, but I thought some of y’all would want to hear that Univision is streaming all 64 World Cup games free online.

What’s New with Biking Directions and Google Maps.

YouTube has a new Unlisted Videos option.

There are 12 New Apps in the OCLC Applications Gallery.

Ewwww! “Zombie Blood is the first energy shot with whey protein in a realistic specimen bag. The iridescent, green fluid contains caffeine, iron, electrolytes and tastes like lime.” You put the lime in the Zombie Blood and drink it all up… Good Morning, Internet…

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