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Cheese croutons to BusinessInsider.com, which had a recent article about a site called Dealmap, a metasearch for geographically-based retail deals and discounts. That’s the only way I can think to put it. It aggregates local deal offerings (like Foursquare, Groupon, etc.) and chunks them on a map. You can try it at http://www.thedealmap.com/.

Here’s how it works: you specify a city/state or a zip code. Dealmap generates a map with icons for different kinds of deals — restaurants, hotels, shopping, etc. Click on an icon and you’ll get some details about the deal at the bottom of the map (that’s what’s happening in the screenshot.) Then you can either click on “Get Deal” (which takes you to the deal page on another site) or click on the “More Details” which keeps on Dealmap and gives you more information about the offering, where it came from, a picture of the business, etc. I saw deals from Restaurant.com, TheDealist.com, what looked like e-mailed newsletters from the companies themselves, KGB Deals, and Goldstar. (Users and local businesses are also invited to submit their own deals, with the caveat that online-only deals are not allowed.

I went to search near a location that I knew offered a coupon through Google Places, and I did not find its coupon, so either that one was missed or Google Places offers are not listed. Despite that there’s enough here to keep you interested. I looked at the map for Nome, Alaska, and despite having a population of under 4,000 there was still one deal there — special prices at Subway.

Dealmap has several ways to keep track of offers away from the Web site, including presences on Facebook and Twitter. There are also daily e-mail newsletters for several different cities and — coming soon — some apps. An easy way to get the skinny on cheap deals for this weekend or any time, and pretty easy to use.

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