Morning Buzz — May 17, 2010

The headline is kind of off — I wouldn’t call it “8 Google Search Alternatives,” because many of them can’t substitute for Google — but this slide show from PC Magazine is interesting. (I’d call it “8 Search Engines Which Aren’t Google,” admittedly less provacative.)

Amazon is going to split is Kindle Bestseller lists — into books which are free and books which aren’t. I wonder if they’re going to do that for other digital media categories; do you realize how many albums are free on Amazon?

From TechCrunch: Will Facebook Be Tomorrow’s Google, and Google Tomorrow’s Microsoft?

Slides from the Enterprise Search Summit Keynotes are now available here.

SF Gate: Google Goggles put to the test at SFMOMA. Wandering through the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with an Android phone and a Flip camera.

Interesting site from Consumer Reports: lots and lots of videos of car crash tests, front and side. Look them up by model and year. Whew:

Chicago Sun-Times: Daley to post all investigative reporter requests online.

Hmm. I didn’t know Slideshare did videos.

WOW. YouTube now streaming two billion views per day??!

Long articles that the (human) aggregators think would make good InstaPaper reading:

Okay, y’all, now it’s getting silly: Twitter flip-flops. Thank goodness they weren’t actually designed for Twitter. Good morning, Internet…

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