Morning Buzz — May 18, 2010

Thanks to Scott Hampson for today’s picture.

Quickly generate emergency contact information for times of crisis:

Google Mobile is now on Twitter and Facebook.

Amazon has announced Kindle for Android, coming this summer. Here’s the press release.

GovFresh has a short post about a new Web-based service to archive government Web sites.

Bing has a new map app for tracking piracy. This is the “arr me lads” piracy, and not the “eek here come the lawyers” piracy.

“OSU’s Cartoon Library and Museum launches online database for easy access”.

The city of Seattle is about to get a new history guide.

UC Davis has lotsa stuff on iTunes.

The New York Times is launching a new series from contemporary philosophers: The Stone.

People are Googling themselves into health anxiety.

Oh, come on, you know you want to: Drive the A-Team Van in Google Earth. Good morning, Internet…

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