Roundup of New Google APIs — Announcements, Helpful Links, Stories

Google announced a ton of new APIs yesterday at the I/O conference, and to help me keep up with them I’m summarizing five of the announcements here, along with pointers to potentially useful articles and other resources.

The Google Buzz API

The official announcement: “This initial iteration of the API includes support for fetching public per-user activity feeds, fetching authorized and authenticated per-user activity feeds (both what the user creates, and what they see), searching over public updates (by keyword, by author, and by location), posting new updates (including text, html, images, and more), posting comments, liking updates, retrieving and updating profiles and social graphs, and more.”

Helpful links:

The documentation
Applications gallery



BigQuery and Prediction API

The official announcement: “BigQuery enables fast, interactive analysis over datasets containing trillions of records. Using SQL commands via a RESTful API, you can quickly explore and understand your massive historical data….Prediction API exposes Google’s advanced machine learning algorithms as a RESTful web service to make your apps more intelligent. The service helps you use historical data to make real-time decisions such as recommending products, assessing user sentiment from blogs and tweets, routing messages or assessing suspicious activities.”

(These are in limited preview release)

Helpful links:

BigQuery Site
Prediction API site
I/O Event Page with Accompanying Google Wave


Hacker News (actually this is just a really interesting set of threaded comments)
Hacker News (fewer comments but some interesting links)

Google Latitude API

The official announcement: “You could, for example, build apps or features for: Thermostats that turn on and off automatically when you’re driving towards or away from home. Traffic that send alerts if there’s heavy traffic ahead of you or on a route you usually take based on your location history. Your credit card accounts to alert you of potential fraud when a purchase is made far from where you actually are. Photo albums so your vacation photos appear on a map at all the places you visited based on your location history.”

Helpful links:

Google Group


Business Insider (with one very interesting comment)

Google Font API

The official announcement: “The Google Font API provides a simple, cross-browser method for using any font in the Google Font Directory on your web page. The fonts have all the advantages of normal text: in addition to being richer visually, text styled in web fonts is still searchable, scales crisply when zoomed, and is accessible to users using screen readers.”

Helpful links:

The Google Font Directory



Google Storage for Developers

The official announcement: “Using this RESTful API, developers can easily connect their applications to fast, reliable storage replicated across several US data centers. The service offers multiple authentication methods, SSL support and convenient access controls for sharing with individuals and groups.”

(This API is in limited preview)

Helpful links:

Google Storage for Developers site
Google I/O session site with Wave


Fortune (price list)
PC World

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