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Seems like every time you turn around you hear the word webinar. All it means is a seminar or presentation that’s held on the Web, but to me it also means, “I’m sure there are tons of cool presentations out there and many of them are free, but I don’t think I’ll be able to find them all.” I feel better now that I know about WebinarListings at http://www.webinarlistings.com/.

This site lists Webinars. (Sometimes they’re not hard to figure out.) Hit the calendar link and you’ll get a nice list of upcoming events for the next week or so. Actually it’s too lists; a list of featured webinars and a list of basic ones. Between the two lists there were thirteen webinars listed a recent day, from “The Secrets and Lies Behind Social Media Success” and “Introduction to Team-based Authoring” to “Strategic Planning as Organizational Development” and “Planning Your First Webinar” (in case you wanted to get meta.) The featured listings seem to have a lot more detail, but event pages for both lists have the essentials (who, what, when, and how much) as well as a bevy of ways to share the webinar, as well as list it on your own calendars. Most of the webinars I looked at were free, though I did find one that was $79.

If you’re only interested in specific topics you can also search for a webinar. I did a search for Facebook and found six webinars between now and the end of the month.

The site invites webinar hosts to list their webinars here; you have a choice between free listings and $60 featured listings. Check out this page for details on how to submit a webinar. And if you want to keep up with changes to the site, WebinarListings does have a blog.

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