Morning Buzz — May 24, 2010

GOOGLE and ADMOB sittin’ in a TREE, unopposed by the F-T-C. Details:

From ArtDaily: “Mexican Codices will be Digitalized for their Study”.

The National Library of Medicine has launched a new online newsletter, NLM in Focus. The announcement is at while the newsletter content (and RSS feeds etc.) are available at

HP is recalling over 50,000 laptop batteries due to fire hazard.

This sounds really, really cool: “What happens when students with little or no computer science background are tasked with working with a collection of digitized 19th century texts in a course taught by a humanities computing scholar? The combination of these three elements made for an enlightening research endeavor for both students and professor in an on-going Stanford course entitled ‘Literary Studies and the Digital Library’…”

The Google Doodle Pacman thing was such a hit that Google has created a permanent home for it, so you can play it any time you like:

An interesting comparison of three online translating tools.

DC tipped me to this: The Swinger, a tool that takes songs and mutates them into swing time. The Swinger’d version of Sweet Child O’ Mine is bangin’. Good morning, Internet…

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