Morning Buzz — June 1, 2010


Search Engine Roundtable has a nice roundup of Memorial Day search engine logos.

Woman follows Google directions, gets hit by a car, and sues. Um, what? Why does it seem that people eager to blindly follow the directions of the little computer block? My take: technology, no matter how advanced, should never rob you of the ability to look at your computer/GPS directions and say, “OH HELL NO.”

Whoa! Google phasing out internal use of Windows machines? Security concerns?

The Guardian has a great writeup about an online archive of 1,300 different accents.

Videos from Google I/O 2010 sessions are coming soon, Google sez.

Not surprising at all. Wolfram|Alpha finds an iPad niche.

Google has mapped every WiFi network in Britain?

Extra points to Pandia for comparing Google’s recent privacy woes to a cat peeing on a rug, but I take issue with “It could have been considered cute when you were a little kitten…” I think regulators and the public will become more sensitive to this over time, and the reaction to new web sites having privacy issues will not be, “Oh, those adorable little scamps.”

Hey! Gov 2.0 Hero Day is June 15! Good morning, Internet…

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