Morning Buzz — June 9, 2010

Good article from MakeUseOf: 10 Ways to Use Google Books for Lifelong Learning and Research”.

West Virginia has relaunched its official Web site. (That’s a press release link.)

The state of Texas has also relaunched its official Web site (and that’s a press release link as well.)

Exalead, a search engine that gets less attention than it deserves, has been acquired by Dassault Systèmes for about €135 million.

Google Maps can has navigation in 11 more countries.

Twitter posts on its new URL-shortening endeavors.

Yahoo has made more cuts to its search team. Sigh. You know, with the Internet as huge as it is, there’s still a place for a good site directory, and we don’t have one anymore because Yahoo let its directory rot, and the ODP has had its share of controversies … and OH, it’s just depressing, that’s all…

Airline luggage limits to go online.

Eton is offering Afrikaans language lessons via Twitter in time for the World Cup. You can get the lessons by following Unfortunately I can’t give a preview of that page because of endless Fail Whales. Good morning, Internet…

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