Morning Buzz — June 10, 2010

ebrary announced a couple of new e-books databases yesterday: one for aerospace and one for business.

The Yahoo! Pipes engine is now at V2.

BP is buying ads on Google for queries related to the oil spill. I propose we call this sort of thing a tar ball.

MindMeister has a mindmap gadget for Google Wave. Cool! Will this be the thing that finally gets me to play with Google Wave?

I didn’t even know there was a Walt Whitman meteor mystery.

Yahoo Answers and Facebook, getting integrated.

Hey, and now you can hook up your Facebook and Flickr accounts.

Soccer is everywhere: don’t you want to participate in The Firefox Cup?

And because it’s completely random and frankly almost made my head explode, I give you the OFFICIAL Mr. Potato Head Elvis Presley. The pinky ring is killing me. Good morning, Internet…

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