Where Are You? Tag Your Location in Twitter

Twitter announced yesterday the launch of Twitter Places. Now you can tag Twitter with your location as well as view tweets from a particular location. This new feature is also integrated with FourSquare and Gowalla. There will also be API integration for the new feature.

There’s a Twitter account devoted to Twitter Places called Geo; unfortunately it doesn’t have any tweets yet. There’s also a help page, but that’s more about using the new location feature in outgoing tweets than finding them in search engines.

I finally found a tweet using location from Twitter itself; the Twitter Places announcement came from “Alcatraz, San Francisco”. When you click on the location in the tweet you get a small popup window with a map, and the option to see other tweets from the same location.

As you might expect, there are not many tweets going on from Alcatraz, and the search result page read “Older tweets are temporarily unavailable.”

I think maybe I’m taking a look at this too soon… there’s enough people using it. I like the idea, and the ability to quickly gather a bunch of tweets in one place when something is happening would be useful (can you imagine having the ability to do that during the Olympics? During the 2008 elections?) It just remains to see how many people will enable this on their Twitter accounts.

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