Evening Buzz — June 18, 2010

Chronicling America got bigger! From the LOC blog: “On June 16, 2010 the Library of Congress added more than 275,000 historic newspaper pages to the Chronicling America Web site, including newspapers from 4 new states – Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma and Oregon – and expanding the site’s time coverage into the Civil War era. The site now includes more than 2.3 million pages from 295 titles published between 1860 and 1922 in 19 states and the District of Columbia.” Check it out at

One day of life on Earth, to be documented and put in huge digital archive.

Press release: “Dog-Fighting DNA Database Breaks New Ground in Crackdown on Animal Cruelty”

Did you notice? Facebook adds “Likes” to comments.

A new Web site devoted to information on small dogs, appropriately enough called

Wolfram|Alpha’s blog takes a look at special functions.

This makes me very, very sad. Yahoo redirecting directory pages to search pages. Unfortunately, it’s not a surprise. Yahoo has been neglecting its index for years. With the size of the Internet, and the kind of scammage that goes on in full-text search engines, there’s a place on the Web for a good, human-edited directory. And with all the social tools out there, developing one would be easier than ever. But it doesn’t look like Yahoo will be doing it….

I hope this ends up in the Ubuntu repository: GoogleCL, the new Google command line tool.

Speaking of new Google Stuff: Google Commerce Search 2.0.

Ow. Ow Ow Ow. AOL sells Bebo in a deal estimated to be worth about $10 million. AOL paid $850 million for the site about two years ago. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow…

Cloudy goodness from Firefox: Sync and Home.

Opera used to be my browser of choice. I am still very fond of them, so I was happy to see the announcement of the Opera 10.6 beta. And it’s still faster than a cooking potato! Good evening, Internet…

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