Morning Buzz — June 19, 2010

Any music described as “100% Good Vibes Music” I wanna hear. Juanitos has two albums up on the FMA and they’re both CC licensed. What I listened to was kind of like surf music, only more glorious. Try Ooh La La Boogaloo. http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Juanitos/.

Need real-time traffic conditions for the state of California? Thanks to the California Highway Patrol, there a mobile site for that.

Google has introduced the Google Display Network.

Is Google planning a paid-content system for newspapers?

Bonk! Fiverr has competition: http://tenbux.com/.

The University of Tennessee Knoxville has won a grant to digitize 100,000 pages of newspapers.

The University of Texas at Austin has a new history Web site .

Hey! The New York Times is getting a Labs! (Though it’s not being called that.)

Facebook posts, now showing at OneRiot.

Michigan Attorney General: “Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox today announced that his office has requested information from Google regarding reports that the company may have intercepted information transmitted over unprotected wireless networks.” Deadline is June 27.

Look who’s new on Facebook — The 460th Space Wing, out of Buckley Air Force Base. Good morning, Internet…

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