Morning Buzz — June 21, 2010

Holy cats, an online archive of over 7000 CB radio QSL cards. Hat tip Sea of Shoes.

Yahoo has begun testing Bing search results? Sniffle. I’m sad.

Interesting: more banks are on Twitter.

From “Online library to share schizophrenia research”.

Ooo, I *like* this idea: AppSumo, a Groupon for software.

Idaho is getting into Google’s public transport information.

New from

This is nice: a Google Real-Time Search Bookmarklet.

Nice article: Ten things you can do with Wolfram|Alpha.

A bit outside the scope of ResearchBuzz, but a brief, scholarly overview of steampunk and clockpunk. Plus I really like the word clockpunk.

There’s a new Google Scholar blog: Good morning, Internet…

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