Evening Buzz — June 22, 2010

LifeHacker: Cool things to do with GoogleCL.

Central Virginia now has a database of volunteer opportunities.

From USC: “USC Libraries to Uncover Hidden California History”.

YouTube has teamed up with WWE to make full episodes of WWE’s wrestling shows available on the site. I guess so when you get tired of watching real news on CitizenTube, you can watch a sweaty guy in a singlet get bodyslammed.

A new online museum, Remembering Scotland at War, to go online Thursday.

Web site Quora has left private beta, and now anybody can sign up. I am on there but not very active as yet.

Google Chrome is adding native PDF support. This is great. Now if it just supported NoScript, I would seriously consider a browser switch. But until then…

Google has released a new developer resource for HTML5.

News from the Library of Congress: “New International Institutions Join World Digital Library — New Participants in Sub-Saharan Africa, Former Soviet Republics/Eurasia”.

Again off-topic, but I love it because it is so INSANE. Remember the ThinkGeek April Fools’ Day? The unicorn meat? Apparently ThinkGeek got a C&D from lawyers representing the National Pork Board (for real) because of the line “Unicorn — the New White Meat.” Good evening, Internet…

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