Morning Buzz — June 23, 2010

Wow, I didn’t know Wolfram|Alpha did family relationship mapping. So I now officially know that my grandmother’s grandnephew is my second cousin, and my cousin’s son is my first cousin once removed. (That’s a lot clearer than the term we normally use, nodding cousin.)

UConn Today: New Social Planning Tool Created by UConn MBA Students.

Did you buy a Kindle right before the huge price drop? You might be due for a refund!

From the Guardian: Five Social Networks You Probably Missed.

Sing out! Google Voice is now available without invitation in the US and Canada. (Whoops, NOT Canada — my bad.).

NYT Open now has logos available.

Mozilla has announced Firefox 3.6.4.

A new search engine is available dedicated to all things dog.

Arturo Flores and Serge Belongie have written an interesting and relatively short (6 pages) PDF on automatically removing pedestrians from Google Street View images. It’s worth a look, from the images it seems to work pretty well. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Would that Google Voice were available in Canada! Alas, it ain’t. What confuses people is the mention of Canada in Google’s announcement; but that’s only because text messages from the U.S. to Canadian phones are free under Voice.

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