Morning Buzz — June 25, 2010

The OCLC has a new Twitter search that queries WorldCat. You use the hashtag #Ask4Stuff.

Twitter has settled with the FTC after an investigation.

Happy birthday, Google Fusion Tables, happy birthday to you.

Bing has some new mobile applications.

MakeUseOf: Five Useful Greasemonkey Scripts to Enhance Google Calendar.

There’s a new database of bicycle industry people available.

Remember the Scotland at War archive I mentioned a couple days ago?

I forgot to mention this yesterday: YouTube gets a vuvuzela button. I haven’t watched too many World Cup matches, but I kinda liked the sound of the vuvuzela when I was watching it then. The YouTube button however is Just Annoying.

Did you ever look at WikiWorld? I mentioned it way back in 2006 and was just reminded of it yesterday. It was a series where a cartoonist made comics out of Wikipedia articles. Apparently it stopped in 2008 but there are over 50 of them available and they’re great. Check them out here. Good morning, Internet…

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