Morning Buzz — June 30, 2010

“The Little Prince starts with a picture titled “Drawing Number One”, which grown-ups typically interpret as a hat, but only the acute eye of a child can reveal is actually a snake digesting an elephant. Well, unfortunately we were those kids who just saw it as a sum of two Gaussians.”

Minneapolis is offering free Internet access from 117 “Wireless Minneapolis” hotspots. Very nice. Between this, McDonald’s, and Starbucks, there’d be free wireless pretty much everywhere…

THIS is how big the Google Me story is: even The Snitch is covering it. Without gratuitous swear words. (I love The Snitch, but I can’t link to it often because I don’t like my blog to be more than very light blue.) Checkit:

Woot! Quizify now lets you log in and save your quizzes!

The Open Library is now integrating digital lending. SO COOL!

Wired: Google Struggles to Give Away $10 Million.

The state of Indiana has launched a new Web site.

If you’re looking for ways to browse Flickr streams, Flickriver looks pretty nice.

Wolfram|Alpha has integrated disease and patient-level statistics into its search engine. “… Wolfram|Alpha has now assimilated data from two different surveys conducted by the CDC: the national ambulatory medical care survey (NAMCS) and its hospital-focused counterpart, the national hospital ambulatory medical care survey (NHAMCS).”

California keeps knocking out the mobile sites. This time it’s facility listings from the California Department of Public Health.

Yahoo’s got an update on Hadoop.

Google Books is making its Google Books 3D feature available again after launching it on April 1st and pulling it the next day. Today’s picture is an example of what you can expect. Besides a headache. Good morning, Internet…

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