Tracking Social Media Case Studies With a Moose

Need some help with social media for your business? Wondering what other companies in your sector are doing or what tactics they’re trying? Check out Moose Tracker, a Web site that gathers and sorts social media case studies in two dozen categories. At the moment there are over 600 sorted case studies on the site, which you can visit at www.tracker.moosylvania.com. It’s free.

You can browse the case studies by brand category (from auto to travel) or by category (from MMS to technology — there’s also an “uncategorized” option.) You can browse by date as well, and there is an RSS feed available.

I chose the Retail category and got 30 case studies laid out in a 3 x 10 grid of capsule summaries. (Examples: Starbucks – Largest Mobile Payments Effort, Fisher Price Makes 2-Year-Old Friendly Apps, and Farmville Adds Branded Crops.) Each summary included screenshot, brief description, and date. Choose the “Read More” button to get more details, though for the ones I saw there weren’t that many more details.

This site won’t give you all the information you need to research social media possibilities, but it’s a great first step to browse companies, tactics, and case studies, and then take them to a more general Web search.

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