Morning Buzz — July 3, 2010

Hooray! Opera has delivered the final version of Opera 10.6.

Google Scholar has a new feature: searching within citing articles.

More tools from Wolfram|Alpha: calculating degree days.

Cleveland Jewish News has launched its archive,
it covers 45 years and access cost depends on whether you’re already a subscriber or not. The site also launched an e-version yesterday.

The state of Nevada now has an Investment Adviser Public Disclosure database, which lists the over 3000 licensed investment advisers in the state.

The city of New York has started an online database to track city spending.

The National Archives has started an “Inside the Vaults” video series to give a “behind the scenes” look t the Archives, as well as highlight aspects of the collections. You can see the first video at

THIS is interesting: The Guardian is now offering a news feed plugin for WordPress. has announced a new set of Revolutionary War records. Good morning, Internet, and Happy July 4….

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