Morning Buzz — July 26, 2010

Google has missed its deadline to switch Los Angeles to the Google e-mail system. “Since winning a battle for the contract with rival Microsoft Corp. last year, Google has run into roadblocks at the Los Angeles Police Department, which has strict rules about the way its data is secured.”,0,4379217.story.

Nifty! Using Flickr photos as a travel guide.

Horseboy, hanging out on Google Street View but refusing to reveal his name. Wonder if Google accidentally vacuumed up any data from wireless networks named HORSEBOY…

British monarchy is getting an account on Flickr starting today.

Computerworld looks at the best desktop search tools.

If I was still using Windows as my primary OS, I’d definitely check out Lightshot as a screen capture option.

Shorter Google Maps URLs! This’ll be handy.

Yahoo has just launched a new accessiblity blog.

Shelly Palmer has a quick video on Google Reader over at YouTube. I like your tie, Shelly! Good morning, Internet…

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