Afternoon Buzz — July 30, 2010

Oh Fed nerds! Check out

In the last Morning Buzz I mentioned that Google was experiencing some delays getting the e-mail system for the city of Los Angeles in place. Later in the day Google announced Google Apps for Government.

Twitter is going to start showing videos and photos in the stream? I can see this as really cool or really annoying. Spaham images with a simple @?

More news about the upcoming Google Music service, courtesy the New York Post.

I’m strangely intrigued by the idea of a textbook called Street Fighting Math.

The NYT’s Congress API version 2 is going away.

The state of Tennessee is going to get a Civil War battlefield database.

Google’s sponsored ads were gamed? Urgh. Not good.

Winston Churchill — He’s getting digital!

Mozilla Blog: New Update to Firefox 4 Beta Available, Now in 23 Languages.

And in another attack on my productivity, Bing is making new casual games available. Good afternoon, Internet…

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