Morning Buzz — August 4, 2010

Matt Cutts is climbing Kilimanjaro! Best of luck to him.

Google is taking your search history mobile.

This sounds useful.. “A team of 12 digital humanists came together at George Mason University last week. In seven days, they built a new Web tool that lets users turn blog entries into an electronic book.”

Search Engine Land has a wrapup on Srinija Srinivasan leaving Yahoo.

Has anyone tried It looks interesting… is an interesting infographic detailing the history of search engines. Some more than others — LookSmart’s missed FindArticles and other properties, and AltaVista just got a throwaway mention (I know some of you guys remember when AltaVista was All That and a Roll of Tums.) Visit the graphic and Feel the Nostalgia.

Flickr is rolling out its new photo page to everybody.

Look out! Google Maps is finding unlicensed pools. “scofflaw swimming pools” is my phrase of the week.

YouTube is very happy with its Facebook popularity. Which considering the tensions with Google and social search, is sweet but has an odd taste. Good morning, Internet…

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