Morning Buzz — August 5, 2010

Google is halting development on Wave. Perhaps now I can let go of my guilt for never really “getting” Wave. The postmortem emotion for Wave’s demise seems to be disdain.

Facebook is tweaking its mobile privacy settings.

Recently on the Universal Record Database: most medical symptoms Googled in 30 seconds. Heh.

That’s interesting: how to hail a London cab using Twitter.

Delicious notes some recent changes to the site.

From Technology Review: “The Upside-Down Logic of Taking on Google at Search”.

Library of Congress has a new blog in its family. “In Custodia Legis” is from the Law Library of Congress.

Wow! GeoCities (RIP) is now ReoCities.

Kevin Kelly endorses “Searching as a way of life.” I’m down with that! Good morning, Internet…

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