Morning Buzz — August 9, 2010

The University of Minnesota Libraries has a Fair Use Analysis Tool.

MathOverflow sounds way interesting and way over my head.

From the Idaho State Journal: “Idaho State University Lands Grant to Build Virtual Museum Exhibits For Idaho’s Students, Researchers and Public”

Quora has opened up to Google.

Yahoo has a roundup of new search features available (not rolled out to everybody yet.)

Whose Tweets Matter Most? Um … not mine?

YouTube has a blog roundup of a bunch of small changes.

Creative Commons wants your feedback on the Public Domain Mark.

Bing is phasing out version 1.1 of its search API.

I haven’t tried it, but this free ebook converter sounds useful.

Quote: “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003, according to [Eric] Schmidt. That’s something like five exabytes of data, he says.” Five exabytes of data. Every two days. Good morning, Internet…

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