Morning Buzz — August 10, 2010

Boing Boing has a new Submitterator, or as I call it, “Boing Boing Firehose.” Timesink!

John Levine has a good writeup on the Google/Verizon net neutrality proposal: “Google and Verizon offer a gift to spammers”. For more reaction in the community, see the ResourceShelf Roundup.

The state of Virginia has made some updates to its Web site.

Information on doctor disciplinary actions in Colorado will be expanding.

Hmmm…. a tool to integrate Q&A on your own Web site.

John Wiley & Sons has launched the Wiley Online Library.

The Library of Congress has launched Library of Congress Launches National Digital Stewardship Alliance.

From Harvard: new online portal to Emily Dickinson collections. Good morning, Internet…

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