Morning Buzz — August 11, 2010

Blogger’s having an 11th birthday party… and you’re invited…

Meanwhile, South Korean police raided Google’s office in Seoul.

“The Canadian government announced Monday 900,000 U.S. dollars for the creation of a new website documenting the experiences of Chinese settlers, past and present.”.

The MSU Quilt Index has gotten a grant to expand.

A comparison of Twitter and Facebook’s “deceased” policies.

If I had an iPhone or iPad, I’d do a writeup: Fotopedia and UNESCO Launch World Heritage Application.

Google has done a little GMail/Contacts tweaking.

You know you got questions. Bing and Wolfram|Alpha are still teamed up.

And because American football is ramping up: did you know icing was apparently an effective tactic? Me neither. Good morning, Internet…

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