Morning Buzz — August 13, 2010

(This is Calvin & Hobbes. See the last item for why. I do not own them. But I love them.)

Fans of Domino magazine are using Flickr to create their own online archives.

The Google Buzz API has some new features, including a “Garden Hose”. (As opposed to a fire hose.)

Some enterprising soul made a list of the Top 40 best free legal movies you can download right now from the Internet Archive. And this list doesn’t even include awesome movies like His Girl Friday and My Man Godfrey.

Oh my. “Google accuses California of rigging bidding process for e-mail contract”.

Meanwhile, there’s a protest at Google tomorrow over the Verizon net neutrality thing. (Raging Grannies?)

Blogger now has an official Tweet button. I tried adding it to ResearchBuzz and it took about ten seconds.

Did you miss the Wizard of Oz Google Doodle? Here it is.

China Mobile and Xinhua are teaming up for search.

Oracle is suing Google. Over Android and Java.

A blogger at The Economist Takes Blekko for a test drive.

Here’s a visual map of Google’s “flops” and “failures” with a slice of snark. HEY! I liked Google Catalogs!

Ask has a bit of a feature roundup.

Blog post headline of the year: “I’m Kind of a Sucker for Transit Data”. Oh Tom, I love your nerdiness.

SQUEEEEEE! Someone made a Calvin and Hobbes search engine! How awesome is that? Quick, use it before it gets C&D’d into the ground! Good morning, Internet…

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