Morning Buzz — August 16, 2010

In case you were looking for one, here’s a very basic tutorial for making Google Alerts. Lots of screen shots.

Om Nom Nom! The National Data Catalog is hungry!

From Fortune: Google to open ‘Google Ideas’ global technology think tank. Gee, you’d think “Don’t be evil” would just about cover everything…

Facebook has purchased Chai Labs.

Guy uses Google Earth and lots of driving to write huge message about Ayn Rand. Do you want to hear my Rand Rant? You don’t? Okay.

Pandia has an interesting article on the top five real-time search engines.

Wanna tweet at work but need camo? Elliott Kember’s got you covered with Spreadtweet. But remember, if he goes to jail you have to bring him cookies and beer.

Google has bought virtual currency firm Jambool.

Somebody bought Lycos. For $36 million. It ain’t 1999, is it?

Hey! Where are Wolfram|Alpha widgets showing up?

Galactic Inbox, an HTML5 game inspired by GMail. I have a game, too. It’s called “I hate the GMail redesign.” It’s not much fun to play.

Oh, don’t worry about that odd sight on Google Street View. It’s just a ten-year-old playing dead. First the horse-headed guy and now this. Is getting weird on Street View going to be a lasting meme? Good morning, Internet…

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