Afternoon Buzz — August 24, 2010

Whee! Someone at Yahoo Answers likes okra as much as I do. Of course my favorite way is fried, but pickled and roast okra are also excellent.

Germans don’t want Google Street View. This article explores why.

From MIT: “The MIT roots of Google’s new software”.

The state of Montana has launched its first mobile app.

Speaking of Montana, the state also has a new site to assist hunters.

Google has launched a developer’s preview of its Chrome Web Store.

Harvard launched last week an online William James exhibit.

“The Wellcome Library today announces the launch of an ambitious digitisation project, to provide free, online access to its collections, including archives and papers from Nobel prize-winning scientists Francis Crick, Fred Sanger and Peter Medawar.

Congrats to iTunes U for topping 300 million downloads. Good afternoon, Internet…

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