Morning Buzz — August 25, 2010

Google Earth for Android now features the ocean. Which will, you know, come in handy when I go visit Spongebob Squarepants.

Gov Gab has an overview of legislative changes to your credit card terms.

Jason Titus will be leaving Yahoo.

Google is testing an instant search feature. I wonder if this will be for the query words you actually typed in, or the words that Google has “corrected” them to?

Finding food carts with Bing. It only works in Portland, so far…

YouTube has a Fall TV Preview available.

The state of Colorado now has a cold case database online.

It’s official: Yahoo search is now powered by Bing. Sniffle.

Firefox 4 has a new beta.

Googler Matt Cutts is back from Mt. Kilimanjaro and he brought pictures. Love that sunset! Check ’em out. Good morning, Internet…

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