Morning Buzz — August 27, 2010

Amit Agarwal has an excellent article on online services that perform OCR.

5 GMail Lab Features that Increase Productivity.

Five Thirty Eight has moved to a new home at The New York Times.

From Technology Review: Mining Mood Swings on the Real-Time Web.

A brief note about Bing crawler improvements.

There have been some updates to the Google Buzz API.

Wow! A huge list of free textbooks covering a variety of subjects.

Cool resource from Phil Bradley: Ask Scotland.

Twitter goes college recruiting at

Google Spreadsheets now has in-cell dropdown and validation. Will be very handy. You can also show all your formulas in one click as well. I could have really used this a couple of years ago…

From the LA Times: “Facebook sues start-up for using ‘book’ in its name”. Really, Facebook? REALLY? I need a dislike button because this stinks.

Google’s “Street View” car was recently stopped in France.

The state of Texas has launched its own education channel on iTunes. “The Texas Education iTunes U channel allows teachers to upload material from their classes to help students understand new concepts or do more research in a specific subject area. Students and parents can access the material through home or school computers, and those with iPods can download the information to the handheld devices.” Nice. Good morning, Internet…

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