Morning Buzz — September 3, 2010

New York City has a new database of the most neglectful property owners.

Hey Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, I personally can’t wait to learn more about the new Global Digital Archive of Existing Historic Theatres. Keep us posted!

Nifty, cool NASA pictures on Flickr.

On the day that the ability to make calls on GMail was launched, one million calls were made. WOW.

YouTube is now available in Croatian and Filipino.

New research tool: Vascular Plants of Iowa.

There’s a new database for unpaid taxes in Pennsylvania.

Yow: British Library to share millions of catalogue records. Good morning, Internet…

Alberta workplace safety records will soon go online.

Blogger has introduced Blogger Stats.

Have you seen the new full-length movie collection on YouTube? I think this set defines “mixed-bag.” Good morning, Internet…

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