Yahoo Has Geographically-Sensitive Search Suggestions

Yahoo announced last week that its search suggestions will now be sensitive to where you are. Read the blog post for examples of why searching for santa in one place will get you different results from searching santa in another place.

I dunno. I tried it and it didn’t do that much for me. I started typing airport and I got suggestions for JFK airport and the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Neither one of those is anywhere near me. I started typing North for North Carolina, and got the suggestion of Northwest Airlines. Yay.

After a few more searches I admit I could not see where the geographically-sensitive part was kicking in. But on the other hand I’m not deeply disappointed; if I’m looking for something local I either a) know enough about it to be able to search very specifically or b) include a location in the query itself.

As you’ll see if you read Yahoo’s announcement there’s apparently no way to turn this off, but frankly I’m not sure you’ll even notice it. But a note in the comments if you’re having more meaningful experience with this new feature.

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