Morning Buzz — September 7, 2010

This looks like it could be useful: a simple Excel data converter.

Also useful, this time from LifeHacker: “Eight Clever Ways to Take Advantage of Free Calling in Gmail.”

“On July 24, people around the world made history by capturing glimpses of their lives on camera and submitting the videos to Life in a Day, an experiment to create a documentary about a single day on Earth. In total, 80,000 videos were submitted from 197 countries, making this the world’s largest user-generated film.” Now there’s a channel for it on YouTube.

Seems pretty open-ended: Adioso: A Flight Search Engine for Travelers with Flexible Plans

Turkey’s contemporary art gallery is going online:

Wired article from last Friday: “In Defense of Google, Or Why Consumer Watchdog is Full of It”

More options for those doing genealogical research around Chicago: “…birth certificates from 1935 and earlier, marriage certificates from 1960 and earlier and death certificates from 1990 and earlier.”.

Facebook showing search results with articles ranked by number of “likes”? I guess this must be in testing — I checked in several places and didn’t see it. Maybe they pulled it for the holiday.

Quick article from Curriki: Ten sources for free textbooks online.

Wow. Is YouTube actually poised to turn a profit?

Good grief! 600 Hanna-Barbera characters, laid out in a timeline, in one huge infographic. Good on you Juan Pablo Bravo. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Am I wrong, or is that Hanna-Barbera drawing the world’s largest infographic?!! But certainly worth the few extra seconds of download time. I hadn’t thought of the Funky Phantom or Wait Til Your Father Gets Home in decades!

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